You are a professional woman, over 40
already successful, but you feel there is more to life
Maybe  more is just something different or you have a big dream

I help you live deeper,  tell the truth, up your self-care regimen, get your power back, have a lot more energy and enjoy the windfalls of your courage

             I work with women who want to transform their life

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When you are ready to go deeper and live your truth, send me an email at margueritetennier(at)  Tell me what your greatest challenge is, what you want to achieve, what you want to change and why.  Give me your name, city, phone number and best time to call to schedule a one hour coaching conversation to help us decide if we are a good fit.  I may also ask you to send more details about your challenges, dreams, etc.

If you don't wake up happy to see the day, every day, it's time to start living deeper

What does it mean to live deeper?  It's a process whereby you learn to listen to what's going on inside, to be childlike, this time with the wisdom of adulthood and you choose being real over being perfect.  You learn to recognize what feeds you and you choose healthy nourishment not only for your body, but also for your mind and soul

Most of my clients come to me as a result of one of the following:

a life transition,
a dissatisfaction at work or with their personal life,
a dream,
 a realization that they are bowing to peer pressure to be someone they are not,
a feeling of exhaustion and a lack of life in their life
and the feeling they are on a train wreck waiting to happen.

I help them get their power and energy back by
moving from "automatic pilot" to consciousness
telling the truth - to themselves and others
honoring their needs for sleep, fun and relaxation
setting healthy boundaries, asking for help, to make time for nurturing their talent or project dear to their heart and
stopping Fear from running the show

To freedom to have healthy, mutually rewarding relationships, 
jobs that do more than paying the bills,
built-in energy recovery time every day,
giving their dream a fair chance
and accepting their Shadow as the proof of their humanity
We will start by making space in your life so you can do the changes to actually have more energy, feel better, younger, healthier and ready for the world.  I can help you create a vision, to get really clear on your priorities, become more confident, have more success and be happier. 

Leading a happier and more fulfilling life requires changes on many levels.  Becoming aware is the first one.  Remaining conscious of our reactions and feelings is another and is necessary to making different choices. 


I work with professional women who want more:  to have more energy and more zest for life and be more efficient, grow their business,  explore career changes, have support to rebuild after divorce,  learn to be more confident, learn how to say no, stop doing things just to be liked, overcome the fears that keep them playing small, prepare for retirement by re-awakening passions and dreams put on the back burner for so long.  Boomers can and do live a lot longer than their parents.  Whether you are one of the first boomers or at the end of the cohort, your middle and later years can be exciting.  
 Self-care is more than getting your hair and nails done. It's about honoring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. 

 As your coach, I am 100% in your corner.  Together we will investigate, identify, explore, develop strategies and set up a working path for your success.  As your coach, I will tell you the whole truth and I will keep you accountable.  No more excuses.  Because I know you can do it.   My favorite client: an already successful woman, 40+ ready to step up beyond blame and excuses for what's not working in her life.  Ready to put in the energy to go for what's missing.

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